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York University Tuition & Fees | International and Domestic Students

How to apply for York Financial Aid

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York University Fees structures varies based on the number of Credits enrolled per term. However, the breakdown below gives the cost total of the expenses estimated to spend per term.

York Fees

This documents will show the cost fees estimate per term. To access detailed tuition and fees structure for your semester, kindly click here.

York University Fees and Tuition

Full-time tuition for most programs (5 courses + all supplementary* fees)$7,123 † – for most programs
$10,020 – Design
$9,619 – Business
$9,705 – Commerce
$9,653 – Computer Science
$10,608 – Engineering
$32,502 – for most programs
$30,349 – Design
$33,961 – Business
$34,628 – Commerce
$29,958 – Computer Science
$37,345 – Engineering
Textbooks and supplies (estimated)$1,200 – $2,600
varies by program
$1,200 – $2,600
varies by program
Residence (traditional single room for 8 months)**$7,512$7,512
Meal plan (8 months, mandatory if living in some residences)$2,750 to 5,500$2,750 to 5,500
Personal expenses living on campus (entertainment and other)$2,500$2,500
Living off campus (apartment rental, utilities, meals)$11,000$11,000
Personal expenses if living off campus (entertainment, transportation)$4,000$4,000
Health and dental care
Most students belong to the York Federation of Students (YFS) health plan.
(UHIP plus YFS or Glendon Plan.
For updates to UHIP visit YI.)

How to Pay/Deposit York University Fees & Tuitions

Students account reflect all charges assessed in your account. To make fees deposit payment to your students account, follow the steps below;

  1. Visit any Financial Institution (bank, credit union or caisse populaire)
  2. Set up your student account in the bank
  3. Request to deposit fees into your students account
  4. Fill all necessary documents. Remember, Account number is your Student ID Number, and the company name/payee is York University.

Note: Every deposit into students account usually take up to four(4) business days before it reflects in your students account/dashboard.

York University Payment Due Dates


new student registration depositdepends on date of first course enrolment
undergraduate course enrolmentSummerMay 10
undergraduate course enrolmentFallSeptember 10
undergraduate course enrolmentWinterJanuary 10
undergraduate course enrolmentYear*50% due September 10
*50% due January 10
undergraduate program-based course fees (e.g., BDes)Year*50% due September 10
*50% due January 10
residence and meal plan chargesYear*50% due September 10
*50% due January 10
health plan feesYear10th of the month following appearance on your statement

What is Registration Deposit?

A registration deposit is required only once, for the very first academic session in which you enrol in courses. It is part of fees deposit.


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