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 Undergraduate programs Requirements into University of Laval


Undergraduate programs Requirements into University of Laval

Admission Requirement for International Undergraduate who want to apply for Master’s and PhD Program in Laval University.



  Undergraduate programs Requirements into University of Laval

  Undergraduate programs Requirements into University of Laval is as follows:

  • The applicant should hold a diploma attesting to 13 years of schooling corresponding to a Quebec Diploma of College Studies (DCS, or DEC in French). For instance:
  • French baccalaureate
  • Baccalaureate from institutions in most French-speaking African countries
  • General Certificate of Education (GCE) from an English-speaking country with 3 “A Levels” in subjects preparing for the preferred university series

Correspondence for Quebec education by country or hold a per-university diploma attesting to 12 years of tutoring. In this case, a qualifying year of 30 credits will be vital. The list of qualifying year courses you will need to complete will vary depending on the desired program. The list will be sent along with your offer of admission.

  • Several programs have exact entrance criteria. These requirements are scheduled in the program descriptions.
  • All candidate who hold a French baccalaureate, general or technical baccalaureate, or International Baccalaureate (IB) are directly entitled for undergraduate programs, with the following exceptions:
  • Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geo metrics (except Bachelor of Geography, Bachelor of Sustainable Development and certificate programs).
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (except Bachelor of Consumer Sciences and Bachelor of Agro economics)
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • For programs in these faculties, a qualifying year is required.

Note: Please familiarize yourself with immigration and visa requirements for international students in Quebec and the mandatory health and hospitalization insurance plan.

Master’s programs

  •  All applicants must hold an undergraduate degree (North American BA, license or master’s, depending on the scheme of education) or have successfully completed a level of education deemed corresponding by the admissions board.
  • Some programs have definite admission criteria. These requirements are all listed in the program descriptions.

Please note:  familiarize yourself with immigration and visa requirements for worldwide students in Quebec and the mandatory health and hospitalization cover plan.

 The PhD program

  • Candidate should hold a graduate degree (North American master’s degree, French DEA) or have a successfully accomplished level of education deemed subsequent to the admissions committee.
    In Québec, a master’s degree usually requires two years of specialized study further than the bachelor’s level (undergraduate degree). However, if you have successfully completed your master’s degree with theory course work at Université Laval and are able to exhibit your abilities, you may, under certain conditions, be admitted to a PhD program in the same discipline or field of study. You may be approved a master’s degree at a later date, under certain conditions.
  • Some programs have specific admission criteria. These requirements are listed in the program descriptions.

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