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Top Secrets to Click and Gain Admission in Canada | First Time Application


Top university in Canada admit students based on the competitiveness of their grades and high school performance. Research has shown that, despite how a University may seek to admit students to any course, they still have benchmark of the general requirement to accept or reject a student.

This page will explain top secret you can gain admission at ease into a course in any top Universities in Canada.

Canadian University and Acceptance Rate 2023

Before starting admission journey to any school of choice, first research about the Percentage Accepted Rate of the school admission. This is called Acceptance Rate. In clear terms, Acceptance Rate is the ratio of the total number of students’ applications submitted to the total number of applications being accepted in the academic year.

Different Universities have their own acceptance for admission consideration. The following University’s proposed Acceptance Rate for 2023 are applied for admission consideration and admission requirement for the year 2023-2024 academic Year.

Note that admission into the schools listed below are competitive and required that students prospecting to gain admission into the school should have competitive score.

Universities and their Acceptance Rate.

Ivy League CollegesOverall Accept. RateEarly Decision / Action Accept. Rate% of Class Filled by Early AppsExpected Number of Students to EnrollTotal Apps ReceivedTotal Apps Accepted

Understand that, the above acceptance rate shows the percentage to which the school can accept admissions for the year.

Some Reasons why your Application May not be Considered for Admission Offers.

These are the reasons why you may not be admitted to study in your dream University.

Low Grades in High School

High grades in High School academic performance contribute immensely for your admission in dream course. Where this is not so, the University admission committee reserve the right to disqualify or reject students seeking admission from any course.

The facts are, you must meet academic grade requirement to be considered for admission.

Incomplete Application

Endeavor to complete and submit application before the deadline. You must also submit all necessary documents during application. Where your application is not complete, the University also reserve right to disqualify and reject your admission.

Multiple Errors.

Minor errors found in your application can qualify your admission. Endeavor to submit authentic information as failure to do so may cancelled the application and stand to disqualify you.

Bad Attitude and Behavior

Students with bad attitude and behaviors are not accepted by schools. Those who have a history of suspensions and other related issues in this regard are not seen in a favorable right.

Top Secrets to Click and Gain Admission at First Time Application

The primary requirement for admission into any University in Canada includes the GPA, Language Proficiency Test, transcript, International Passport (International Students), Study permits etc. The secrets below will surely meet your admission offers expectation at ease.

  1. Submit Good Grade Point Average

Admissions in Canada depends largely upon your Grade Point Average -GPA, added to language preference in some universities e.g. American students are considered in some schools by their SAT or ACT test results. The secret is that applicants must score above average in the grade point average to still stand a chance of winning the acceptance rate. If these have not improved, then your chances are not going to change much.

  1. Review the Acceptance Rate allocated to certain regions.

This will make your research for admission get simple when you know the quota of the number of students for admission consideration allocated to a certain province or regions.

  1. Live Close to the Province where the University is Residents.

Canadians don’t really consider how ranked a University may be before sending their children to study there. They want their children to study the course they want. The Government regulate a policy of “Educate your Province first”. The best structure to educate province first is setup to ensure children get the best education in their province. So the priority is set to first consider residents of the province before out-residents and other international students.

  1. Have Accessible Funds to pay First Year’s Tuition and Living Expenses.

You are required to have funds to pay the first tuition deposits and also take care of living expenses. This contribute immensely for your admission to accepted or rejected. A minimum of about $40,000 should be accessible.

  1. During Screening and Interview, Express yourself about “who you are” and not “what you are not”. Note, those things you can’t change matters a lot.
  2. Consider extracurricular activities.
  3. Submit valid documents.

International Students

  1. Have up-to-date Passport Ready
  2. An English and/or French language proficiency qualification.
  3. Proof of how you will be funding your studies

Are you still afraid if you will be rejected if you apply to study in Canada?

You cannot be afraid. Rise up and take action. Learning is responsibility. Take a step further, visit a school for your choice of course and programs, find out how much it cost to live in the region, research about other people’s life in the environment. Comprae the tuition and other expenses in your choice of University

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