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How to Start Application to Work as Nurse in Canada


Canada accommodate large number of international Nurses working together as team to promote nursing advocacy in the state. Interested workforce aiming to exercise expertise in Nursing profession can apply for international consideration.

Specifically, to all international Nurses desiring to work in Canada 🍁, the information below will guide and tip you to start Nursing Career in Canada and beyond.

What to have Before Applying to Work As Nurse in Canada

To work in Canada as a nurse, have a minimum of the following educational requirements

  • Be a graduate from a recognized/approved institute in your country.
  • Hold a valid nursing registration within the nursing council of your home you ought to hold a license as an RN/midwife.
  • Have working Experience of 2-5 years


Documents that require to be provided by foreign-Educated nurses to NNAS

The following documents are required at the screening stage by the NNAS to be evaluated before approval can be given to work as a Nurse in Canada.

  1. Photo ID with signature there on (Passport/driver’s license or others)
  2. Educational documents:
    • Mark/Score sheets
    • First Degree Certificates
    • Transcript
    • Course curriculum
    • Other academic records
  1. Documents showing current Registration in Nursing Council within applicant’s country where Nursing Practice is being done. This registration documents must be sent by the licensing authorities.
  2. Employment Data Form: This is documents signed by your Employers with whom you worked for within the last 5 years and should be signed and forwarded to NNAS for assessment.
  3. IELTS / CELBAN test reports. (Note: Any document that’s not in English or French has got to be translated into English before sending it.)
  4. All copies of certificates must be notarized with Provided telephone number and address of notary.
  5. Pay a non-refundable fees approximate $ 650.


English Requirement

Know that English Proficiency is necessity to work in Canada as a Nurse. There are two (2) generally acceptable Language Proficiency Test in Canada to work as a Nurse. These are CELBAN – Canadian English Benchmark Assessment for Nurses or the IELTS – International English Testing System.

Though the score requirements differ but they are considered in the same scale.

Test score needed for IELTS is:

  • Speaking 7
  • Listening 5
    Reading         6.5
  • Writing 7
  • Overall 7

Test score needed for CELBAN is:

  • Speaking 8
  • Listening 10
  • Reading 8
  • Writing 7

Apply for Visa

Another step to take after all requirement has been set, is to apply for a visa. At this stage, you’ve got good options to apply a permanent visa or temporary visa. The two kinds of visa application depend on the nature of work decided for.

Apply for Permanent visa if you intend to work permanently in Canada, or apply to a temporary visa 💳if your interest is to work in a specified period of time. In temporary visa, you must get employment confirmation/appointment letter to be cleared at the immigration office.

How to Start Application to Work as Nurse in Canada?

  1. Know the different Nursing Organization, Region, Weather condition, Regulations in the region
  2. Have credentials ready for assessment
  3. Own your country’s Nursing Licence
  4. Prepare all Travel documents
  5. Apply for a Visa/Work Permit
  6. Pay application fees

How to Submit Application to National Nursing Assessment Service – NNAS

To start application to work as Nurse in Canada, you must submit application through the NNAS portal after which your application is assessed and feedbacks reported.

Here are the steps to submit application.

  • Visit https://www.nnas.ca/
  • Create Account to start application
  • Submit proof of identity documents
  • Submit Nursing Education Forms
  • Submit Nursing Registration Forms
  • Submit Nursing Practicing Form/Employment Forms
  • Submit Language Testing Forms
  • Pay all Required Fees

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