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Best Research Tools For Researchers & Students

Research Tools for Researchers

It is obvious that researchers and students engaging in research used best research tools for better project delivery. This article simplifies different research tools for students to engage in research activities. While a Research Tool serves as an engine that facilitate research and research related activities, a research tool helps Researchers to search, collect, organize, analyze, visualize and publicized research work.

While researching, researchers seek to reduce the search time, evaluate more literature of other researchers, convert the information of the search for a written document, target suitable journals, and promote their publication for further citation.

Some Related Issues Observed from Researchers

Research can be time consuming and tasking. Many students relate problems such as;

  • I just join as a new postgraduate student and I am not sure I can do a literature search” hmmm.
  • I have been in research for some time now but I spend lots of time to get the articles I want.
  • I wanted to write a new paper, how can I manage the references in the shortest possible time?
  • I have many references, some are my old papers, and some, my current research. Sometimes, they are so many that I can’t recall where I have kept them in my folders!”
  • ……., I have written an article, being able to find a proper Journal is difficult.
  • I want to increase the citation of my papers, how do I do?”

The below Research tools seek to simplify the difficulties encountered by many researchers.

Best Research Tools For Researchers & Students

14 Research Tools for College Students

  1. Mendeley
  2. Zotero
  3. EndNote
  4. Directory of Open Access Journals
  5. CiteSeerX
  6. ScienceDirect
  7. BioOne
  8. Wunderlist
  9. DataElixir
  10. PlagScan
  11. Lazy scholar
  12. Pubpeer
  13. Google Scholar
  14. EasyBib

Applying the above mentioned research tools in your research makes researching more effective, reduce the risk of time consumption, organize and analyze research work at ease.

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