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Apply | Queens University Application Deadline 2022

Queens University Application Requirements, This is to inform the student who has been seeking admission into Queens University that the undergraduate admission and recruitment is ongoing.


  • Admission requirements
  • Deadline for admission processing
  • Steps on what to do after applying
  • Why do you have to log in to your SOLUS
  • How to view your To-Do List
  • Summiting your transcript

As an applicant to Queen University, we know that you have questions about the application process, program requirements and so much more. Please continue to monitor this page- as we will continue to make more new information as we get more questions from you, please email us at [email protected]


  • MCV4U

  • MHF4U,

  • SCH4U

Deadline for admission processing | Queens University Application

Below is the deadline for admission processing

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