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Kindle Direct Publishing – KDP Amazon

Every user of amazon products or e-book has come across the KDP Amazon – Kindle Direct Publishing tool. Every publisher focusing on publishing ebooks and paperback works needs knowledge of user experience and interactions to be able to publish and market digital products on Amazon.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a series of digital reader device developed and distributed by Amazon. These digital reader machine serve users to browse, buy, download and read all e-books, newsletters, magazines and other digital media from the Kindle Store.

Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon Kindle Store

The Amazon Kindle Store is an e-commerce retail website store launched by Amazon to host all amazon e-books and all other digital media products and is accessible from any Amazon Kindle, Fire Tablet, and Amazon Mobile App.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – KDP

The Kindle Direct publishing – KDP Amazon, was primarily launched for authors and publishers to independently publish their books directly to the Kindle Store. In the store, it is easier to promote and sell digital products to users. Some of the features that help amazon to promote e-books to its authors and publishers is the paperback option in-built in the Amazon kindle.

What is the History of KDP Amazon?

Amazon, Wikipedia and many other website has written on the history of Amazon KDP. As a matter of fact, The feature will continue to expand and serve readers with lots of digital products for consumption.

How to Publish on Amazon Using the KDP Tool

Several steps have been highlighted to help authors and publishers prepare books for publication. You can read more on our previous article on how to publish on Amazon Direct Publishing.

KDP Amazon Login Page

To begin publication of ebooks and paperback works, it is time you must access the login page. In my previous article, i have highlighted the steps beginning from the Account creation to account login option. Please refer to my previous article.

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