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Holland College Admission Requirements

Holland College Scholarship 2022/2023

Holland College Admission Requirements ,Application fees for international students , How to apply online

Holland College Admission is ongoing for all international students who wish to apply for admission: The admission is open for all nationals:

Holland College Admission Requirements

Application Fees for International Applicants|Holland College Admission Requirements

Tuition, fees and International Fees

Note that tuition fees vary according to program .you will find the breakdown of costs listed on each program page.

In addition students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents must pay the following fees:

  • International students fee: $4,400 CAD for first year students,$4,000 for second year students.
  • International health coverage fee :$750 CAD
  • Program confirmation fee: $500 CAD –you must pay fee to hold your seat once you are accepted into a program.

Additional Expenses:

  • As well as planning for the cost of accommodations, you should budget approximately $300 per month for groceries and $100 per month for other expenses, such as laundry, personal care items, etc.
  • Be sure you have enough money to travel home if you choose to do so during extended breaks.

High School Transcript Notice

All applicants, even post-secondary graduates need to upload their official school transcript.

  • If you attended a post–secondary institution after high school, we need both your high school transcript and your post-secondary transcript Entry into various programs is competitive and your post-secondary marks can support your application.
  • If you do not graduate from high school and have a GED, do well to send us a copy.
  • Even if you graduate a while ago we still need your high school transcript .if you cannot obtain it, let us know and we will discuss your options.
  • Applicants are required to upload their high school transcript to their

How to apply online for Holland College

  • Click in here and sign in your email
  • You will receive update and steps to take

How to Apply for Visa:

  • check in here for visa processes

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