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Histopathologist | Career Opportunities and Academic Requirements

Histopathologist | Career Opportunities and Academic Requirements

Histopathologist | Career Opportunities and Academic Requirements,Introduction to Histopathologist,University Entry Necessities The Three Pathology Specialties

Histopathology is a medical field where many students wish to study ;in this article we have provided the full version of information about histopathologists including their specialties and where they can work.

Histopathologist |  Career Opportunities and Academic Requirements

Introduction to Histopathologist:


Introduction to Histopathologist:

What is the work of a Pathologist?

Pathologist Program/Training Requirements

University Entry Necessities

The three pathology specialties;

Where a Pathologist can work?


Who is a pathologist? A pathologist is a doctor who analyzes disease by examining cells and tissue samples, through performing of autopsies.

Who is histotechnologists? Histotechnologists are People who work in histology laboratories, they are also known as histotechnicans, or histology technicians. Their work is to prepare samples for analysis. They as well use special skills to process samples of biological tissues. The tissues may come from any of the listed source:

  1. patients seeking a diagnosis
  2. suspects in a crime, if it is a forensic lab
  3. the body of a person who has died

The analysis process involves the following:

  1.   By trimming samples and applying solutions to maintain them
  2. Removing any water, replacing it with paraffin wax, and putting the sample in a wax block to make it easier to slice
  3. By slicing the tissue thinly and increasing the slices on slides
  4. applying stains to make specific parts observable

What is the work of a Pathologist?

Their day to day duties might include the following:

  • Examining the results of blood tests, smear tests, and tissue exclusion
  • Explaining test results and also giving counsel on further medical tests
  • Treating diseases and making sure blood transfusions are not dangerous(save)
  • Developing vaccines against infectious diseases and hereditary conditions
  • Research and developing new tests and treatments
  • Organizing work in laboratories and supervising other laboratory staff
  • Attending meetings with other health professionals to share the treatment information about a particular patient.

Pathologist Program/Training Requirements

To into Pathologist program/training you’ll need the out listed requirements:

  1. A five years degree in medicine, that is recognized by the General Medical Council,
  2. Two years general training in foundation course and
  3. five or six years specialist training programme in pathology

Alternative: If you do not have qualifications in science, you may be able to take a six-year degree course in medicine, which includes a one-year pre-medical or foundation year.

Reference: if you already have a degree in a science subject, maximum grade upper second class, you could take a fast track four year graduate entrance programme into medicine.

Suggestion: There are a lot of competitions for places on medical degrees. Most university admissions departments will be expecting you to have done at least a relevant paid or charitable experience

University Entry Necessities

  • five GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A to C), including English, maths, and a science subject,
  • three A levels at grade A in chemistry ,and either biology, physics or maths, plus another academic subject

Most related subjects

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths

The three pathology specialties;

  • Anatomical pathology
  • Clinical pathology
  • Forensic pathology

Where a Pathologist can work?

  • Primarily in hospitals
  • Military and government agencies
  • Developing treatments, and managing decisions in hospitals and clinics
  • Medical schools
  • Research organizations

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