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Finding Work in Australia, Learn Free Guide

You should have most of the information you need to work in Australia as an international student and after graduation after reading this section. While you are a student, working in Australia is very easy; after graduation, it is more difficult. Keep in mind that as an international student, you shouldn’t expect to survive on the money you earn while you study, but the extra money can certainly help you cover your expenses.

Rules for Student Visas

There will be a lot of international students studying abroad in Australia who want to work while they are there. It is essential for these students to be aware of the work restrictions stipulated by their student visa.

Rules for Employing International Students

While school is in session, international students in Australia with a valid student visa can work up to 20 hours per week, and they can work as many hours as they want during recognized school vacations. In Australia, a work week is defined as beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. Students are not permitted to begin working until after their courses have begun, despite the fact that they are permitted to arrive in Australia up to 90 days prior to their start date.

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