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Effective Study Techniques

Effective Study Techniques, ten study tips, Duration of study, the basic simple studying tips, suggested the best time to study, tips for effective studying.

College and High school students can eliminate finals-week stress with…Prepare for your exam with these good and effective study tips.

Effective Study Techniques


Ten Study Tips

Duration of Study

The basic Simple Studying Tips

Tips for Effective Studying

Suggested Best Time to Study

Ten Study Tips | Effective Study Techniques

  • Give yourself enough time to study
  • Organized your study space
  • Use a flow chart or diagram
  • The practice of old exam
  • Explain your answers to others
  • Organize study group with friends
  • Take regular breaks
  • Snack on brain food
  • Explain your exam day
  • Drink a lot of water

Duration of Study| Effective Study Techniques

The best time of continuous study is 12 hours. Each period can again break down into slots of 25 minutes of solid studying following by a break. If you wish to continue studying take longer breaks every 2 5 minutes in 2hours time.

The basic Simple Studying Tips

  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Testing taking
  • Active listening,
  • Reading comprehension is the only topics addressed In or skills guide for students.

Tips for Effective Studying

  • Ask for help
  • Stay motivated
  • Review and revise
  • Discover your learning style
  • Plan your time
  • Study everyday
  • Choose the place or time.

Suggested Best Time to Study| Effective study techniques

Science has indicated that learning is most effective between 10 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm when the brain is in gaining mode. The least effective learning time is between 4 am and 7 am.

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