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Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

Canada Sectoral Initiative Program, What is Sectoral Initiatives, Description of the funding, Objectives, Eligibility criteria, Projects objectives.

Canada Sectoral Initiative is an empowerment for indigenous of Canada to apply both for an individual and Company sector see below full details,eligibility and how to apply.

Canada Sectoral Initiative Program



What is Sectoral Initiatives?

The Description of the funding


Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Applicants

Eligible projects

How we assess your application

Organization’s capacity

Project objectives

Project activities

Project results

Project costs

Additional funding considerations

Steps to Apply

What is Sectoral Initiatives?Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

The sectoral initiatives Program (SIP) is a grants and also a contributions programs, which helps the key sectors of the economy. They as well support sectors to identify, forecasting and addressing their human assets and skills issues.

The Program gives funding to stakeholders to develop and distribute the following:

  • Skills certification and accreditation systems
  • New workforce improvement methods and solutions
  • National occupation standards
  • Sector-specific market intelligence.

The SIP as well supports under-represented groups working in the labour market.

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The Description of the fundingCanada Sectoral Initiative Program

  • All eligible organizations can apply up to $2,500,000 (per project, per year).
  • Projects duration must be at least 36 months.

Objectives| Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

The funding is to support projects that focus on one or more of the following objectives:

  • To develop and implement sector-based solutions to address the workforce challenges and needs of Canadian workers and employers
  • Address specific workforce needs in support of economic recovery for a specific sector or across sectors.

The alignments of the projects must be one of the following categories:

  • sectoral labour market intelligence and tools
  • sectoral training and worker transition solutions
  • solutions for employers

Eligibility Criteria

You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Eligible Applicants| Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

You have to be one of the following

  • Not-for-profit organization
  • For-profit organization provided that the nature and aim of the activity is non-commercial and does not create income.
  • Municipal government
  • Indigenous organization include:
  • Bend council
  • Tribal council
  • Self –government entity
  • provincial and territorial government, institution, agency or Crown Corporation

Eligible projects| Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

All projects must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be no longer than 36 months
  • Request no more than $2,500,000 per year, per project
  • Have contributions from source other than ESDC
  • Secure at least one partner.

How we assess your application Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

Your application will be assess based on the following criteria:

Organization’s capacity| Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

  • show that your organization has the knowledge of the specific skills issues in your division (or across multiple sectors) needed for this project
  • Describe your current partnerships at the national, provincial, and regional levels (including cross-sectoral partners) that would demonstrate your capacity to bring out this project

Project objectives

  • Describing the needs or issues within a specific sector (or across sectors) based on what your project will address.
  • You have to develop implement sector based solutions to address the workforce challenges of Canadian worker and employers.
  • address specific workforce needs in support of economic recovery for a specific sector or across sectors

Project activities| Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

  • illustrate how your project’s activities support with one or more of the following categories:
    • sectoral labour market intelligence and tools
    • sectoral training and worker transition
    • solutions for employers
    • Provide clear and relevant description of the project activities
    • Provide clear and feasible timelines to complete the project activities
    • Describe how the partner(s) will be involved in this project

Project results

  • Describe how the sector(s) will gain from the project
  • Describe the estimated outcome of your project. They must be an exact, tangible and quantifiable
  • File out the indicators that you will use to evaluate the development towards your project outcome
  • Describe how you plan to gather measure and account on results achieved by your scheme.

Project costs| Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

  • give a brief and clear good reason of how you plan to use the money
  • Demonstrate that the costs are reasonable and support the project activities

Additional funding considerations

We SIP will consider the following to select a various collection of projects to fund:

  • focus on sustaining underrepresented groups, such as:
  • persons with disabilities
  • Indigenous peoples
  • visible minorities
  • women
  • youth
  • newcomers
  • focus on projects in key sectors of the economy, including:
    • agriculture and food processing
    • construction
    • information and communication technology
    • health
    • manufacturing
    • natural resources and environment
    • tourism and hospitality
    • transportation
    • sector(s) not listed above that have pressing workforce needs due to COVID-19 and/or can contribute to economic recovery

Steps to Apply| Canada Sectoral Initiative Program

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