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Best Full-Time Jobs for Foreigners in Australia

There are a lot of full-time jobs in Australia, whether you’re looking for unskilled jobs for foreigners or highly skilled jobs for expats. Ten of the best ones to apply for are as follows:

Registered Nurse

Hospitals and healthcare clinics greatly benefit from the assistance of registered nurses. They provide patient care, assist physicians and surgeons, and respond to inquiries from patients and their loved ones. – $79,249 per year in Australia.

Social Worker

Social workers work in hospitals, therapy clinics, and government departments. They offer to counsel those who require ongoing support, provide resources, and answer questions.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers aid in building and infrastructure projects. This includes planning and supervising the construction of major structures like dams and bridges. $109,858 per year in Australia.


It is the job of architects to meet with clients and create projects that meet their exact requirements. They aid in the design of residential, commercial, and other structures. $134,015 per year in Australia.

Factory Workers

On a factory floor, factory workers perform a wide range of tasks. This includes operating heavy machinery and ensuring that products are prepared for global shipping. Find factory worker jobs in Australia for AU $52,575 per year.

Specialist in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity specialists work for a wide range of organizations, including healthcare providers and tech companies. They set up and keep an eye on the technology needed to protect these businesses’ data. $110,766 per year in Australia.


Teachers are employed in primary, secondary, and postsecondary settings alike. They are in high demand all over the nation, particularly now that there is a shortage. – $89,837 per year.

Manager of Construction

Construction projects of all kinds are overseen by managers of construction. They meet with clients, delegate work to various employees, and ensure that everything is completed on time and in accordance with the client’s requirements. $130,000 per year in Australia

Construction Laborer

Laborers perform tasks on construction sites in accordance with the client’s and the project manager’s instructions. They assist in the construction of a wide range of structures, including commercial buildings and homes. $58,511 annually.


Accountants are experts in finance who help people and businesses with their finances. They offer investment advice, assist with budgeting, and prepare taxes, among other things. AU $94,472 per year.

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