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A.T. Still University Application and Deadline

ATSU University

A.T. Still University has announced that the online Portal for admission into the 2022 – 2023 academic session is currently open. Prospective students can apply to be considered for the early decision following this article.

You may want to review the cost of application and the entire bills in the University. The A.T. Still University Cost is comparably low for all students. But depending on the various cooperative education options, timing of costs such as tuition, fees, and room and boar varies.

A.T. Still University Undergraduate Application and Deadline

Steps to Apply for Admission in ATSU university

Your application for admission into the ATSU Undergraduate and post Graduate studies is done in the following steps;

Steps to Applying | ATSU university

The application is done through the AACOMASS

  1. Review ATSU’s Admission Prerequisites and Application Deadlines
  2. Read the Application Instructions
  3. Complete Your Application
  4. Submit Your Supplemental Materials
  5. Check Your Application Status

A.T. Still University - School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona - ATSU-SOMA - Choose DO

How to Apply for Admission | ATSU University

Click Here To Apply

To apply for admission, please refer to this article

A.T. Still University Cost

The cost of fees in A.T. Still University ATSU is given as follows.

Tuition and Fees | A.T. Still University

The fees structures for all category of students for 2022 – 2023 session is given below;

Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health | Tuition & Fees

Tuition                                                    Year 1-4                 $ 84,494

Student Technology Fee                                                           1,150

Medical Equipment & Lab Fee                    Year 1                       0,306

Medical Equipment & Lab Fee                    Year 2                       11,106

Medical Equipment & Lab Fee                    Year 3                        7,630

Medical Equipment & Lab Fee                    Year 4                        7,998


Tuition                                                    Year 1                        87,394

Tuition                                                    Year 2                        87,394

Tuition                                                    Year 3                        42,220

Student Technology Fee                           Years 1 – 2                  1,150

Student Technology Fee                           Year 3                         576

Arizona School of Health Sciences | Tuition and Fees


Student Technology Fee (excluding Year 3 OT & Year 3 PA) $            1,150
Audiology ProgramYears 1 ‐ 324,826
Audiology ProgramYear 423,326
Physical TherapyYears 1‐237,868
Physical TherapyYear 336,414
Medical Equipment FeeYear 1176
Medical Equipment FeeYear 3210
Occupational TherapyYears 1 ‐ 235,642
Occupational TherapyYear 38,912
Student Technology FeeYear 3350
Occupational Therapy Doctorate‐ Entry Level (OTD‐E)Year 135,304
Occupational Therapy Doctorate‐ Entry Level (OTD‐E)Years 2‐336,170
Athletic TrainingYears 1 ‐ 221,048
Physician Assistant: TuitionYear 1 (didactic)48,268
TuitionYear 2 (clinical)46,862
TuitionYear 3 (clinical)8,688 *
Student Technology FeeYear 3207
Medical Equipment Fee & Lab FeeYear 1               1,888


Per credit hour rate:
Doctorate in AT575
Masters of Science in Athletic Training (online)600
Advanced PA475
Transitional DPT (non‐degree)

Doctor of Medical Science PA

DMSC students enrolled in 20‐21 & prior520
DMSC students enrolled beginning in 21‐22600
Student Technology Fee (all per credit hour distance programs) Program rate:32
Transitional DPT11,866
PT Orthopedic Residency8,752
Neurologic Residency PT8,240
Post‐Professional Doctor of Audiology ProgramYear 1: 2 year program8,240
TuitionYear 1: 3 year program7,726
TuitionYear 2: 2 year program8,000
TuitionYear 2: 3 year program7,500
TuitionNon‐Degree per credit450


College of Graduate Health Studies | Tuition and Fees

MHA, per hour                                                                                    $          697

MPH, per hour 718 MPH-D, per hour                                                             718

MSN, per hour 800 DNP, per hour                                                                  800

DHA, per hour                                                                                                1,000

Dissertation Fee DHA(per block)+                                                               3,750

EdD, per hour                                                                                                  733

Dissertation Fee EdD(per block)^                                                                  2,440

Dental Public Health Certificate, per hour                                                     718

Kinesiology, per hour                                                                                     553

DHSc, per hour                                                                                               570

Student Technology Fee, per hour                                                                  32

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine | Tuition and Fees

Doctor of Osteopathic:

TuitionYears 1-4 $            58,854
Student Technology FeeYears 1-41,150
Medical Equipment FeeYear 11,078

Biomedical Sciences:

TuitionYear 19,404
TuitionYear 23,132
TuitionYear 3 and above100
Student Technology FeeYear 11,150

Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health | MOSDOH Tuition and Fees

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Class/YearTuitionStudent Technology FeeMedical Equipment & Lab Fee
Class of 2026, year 1$83,140$1,150$10,346
Class of 2025, year 2$83,140$1,150$9,636
Class of 2024, year 3$83,140$1,150$5,282
Class of 2023, year 4$83,140$1,150$5,846

​School of Osteopathic Medicine | SOMA Tuition and Fees

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Class/YearTuitionStudent Technology FeeMedical Equipment Fee
Class of 2026, year 1$62,526$1,150$1,000
Class of 2025, year 2$62,526$1,150
Class of 2024, year 3$62,526$1,150
Class of 2023, year 4$62,526$1,150


A.T. Still University Program | Apply Here

List of Programs offered in ATSU University

ProgramCampusApply Now
Biomedical SciencesMissouri
Certificate in Health Professions EducationOnline
Certificate in Public Health, Emergency Preparedness & Disaster ResponseMissouri
Doctor of Athletic Training onlineOnline
Doctor of Audiology, Entry LevelArizona
Doctor of Audiology, Post-Professional onlineOnline
Doctor of Audiology, Post-Professional online (Non-degree)Online
Doctor of Health Administration onlineOnline
Doctor of Dental MedicineArizona
Doctor of Dental MedicineMissouri
Doctor of Medical ScienceOnline
Doctor of Nursing PracticeOnline
Doctor of Education in Health Professions onlineOnline
Doctor of Health Sciences onlineOnline
Doctor of Occupational Therapy Entry-levelArizona
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Post-Professional Non-Degree onlineOnline
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Post-Professional onlineOnline
Doctor of Physical TherapyArizona
Doctor of Health Sciences Fundamentals of Education Certificate onlineOnline
Doctor of Health Sciences Global Health Certificate onlineOnline
Doctor of Health Sciences Leadership and Organizational Behavior Certificate onlineOnline
Graduate Certificate in Clinical Decision-Making in Athletic TrainingOnline
Graduate Certificate in Leadership and EducationOnline
Graduate Certificate in OrthopaedicsOnline
Graduate Certificate in RehabilitationOnline
Graduate Certificate in Sport Neurology and ConcussionOnline
Master of Education in Health ProfessionsOnline
Master of Health SciencesOnline
Master’s in Orthodontics and DentofacialArizona
Master of Athletic TrainingOnline
Master of Health Administration onlineOnline
Master of Public Health onlineOnline
Master of Public Health – Dental Emphasis onlineOnline
Master of Public Health – Dental Emphasis with a Dental Public Health Residency Certificate onlineOnline
Master of Science in Kinesiology onlineOnline
Master of Science in Speech-Language PathologyArizona
Neurologic Physical Therapy ResidencyArizona
Occupational TherapyArizona
Osteopathic MedicineArizona
Osteopathic MedicineMissouri
Orthopedic Physical Therapy ResidencyArizona
Physician Assistant StudiesArizona
Physician Assistant StudiesCalifornia

ATSU Academic Calender

To browse the A.T. Still University Academic Calender, click here

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