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2023’s Top Ten(10) UK Universities

The top Ten (10) UK Universities in the League tables have been made available online. Is another university winning the gold medal, or have Oxford and Cambridge regained their monopoly at the top of the table? And last but not least, is your college one of the best in the nation?

In the League tables ranking, 130 UK Universities are published annually by the Complete University Guide (CUG). This incorporates 74 subject tables and an extra positioning of 13 Expressions, Show, and Music schools and centers.

What Criteria is the University League Table Ranked?

It considers the entirety of the accompanying factors:

  • Entry Requirements
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Research Quality
  • Research Intensity
  • Graduate Prospects (Outcomes),
  • Graduate Prospects (On Track),
  • Student-Staff Ratio
  • Academic Services Spend
  • Facilities Spend
  • Degree Completion

2023’s Top UK Universities

Based on the criteria given in the order a University league table is ranked, the following Universities top in the list.


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